Marshall, Richard.
Marshall, Richard. Robert Mapplethorpe. With essays by Richard Howard, Ingrid Sischy. Secker & Warburg. 1988. 216 p. With 45 color, 85 duotone ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. Dustjacket damaged on corners, one corner bumped. [62708]

Martens, Peter.
Martens, Peter. 1/250 op 8. Eindhoven, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum. 1978. 47 p. Ills. Paperback. Omslag licht beschadigd. [47057]

Mayr, Bernhard
Mayr, Bernhard Erinnerungen an Sarajevo/ Remember Those Days .... Kehrer. 2016. 120 p. Ills. Hardcover. [108156]

Mechanicus, Philip.
Mechanicus, Philip. Laatste keuze. Uit het fotografisch woordenboek van Philip Mechanicus. Voetnoot. 2005. 323 p. Ills. Stiff wrappers. [51225]

Meier, Carsten
Meier, Carsten Carsten Meier: Dam. Since 2010, photographer Carsten Meier has been documenting dams across the U.S. and Europe. Embedded within the surrounding landscape, these purely functional architectures develop a unique aesthetic with the appearance of manmade mountain ranges.In their imposing massiveness these structures at once serve as monuments to humanity's will to shape nature and demonstrate the dubiousness of its value.Consistently photographed from a one-point perspective and rendered in large format, in over 100 images a typology of dam architecture is presented. Apart from Hoover Dam, Meier also photographed dams known from popular movies, such as, the Contra Dam (from James Bond: Golden Eye) or the Edertalsperre (Eder Dam) (from Dam Buster). Kerber. 2015. 120 p. Ills. Hardcover. [106723]

Meijer, Jacques.
Meijer, Jacques. Dynamisch archief. Waanders. 2001. 112 p. Ills. Linnen/ stofomslag. Naam van Nederlandse fotografe op schutblad. [58171]

Melanie Light;  Light, Ken;
Melanie Light; Light, Ken; Coal Hollow. Photographs and Oral Histories. Berkeley, University of California Press, 2006. 139 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. [106989]

Meyer, Dorothée.
Meyer, Dorothée. Een laatste blik. Op de grens van land en zee. Straks Maasvlakte 2. Havenbedrijf Rotterdam. Nederlands Fotomuseum. 2008. Ills. Hardcover. [105768]

Micheli, Sissa
Micheli, Sissa Sissa Micheli. On the Process of Shaping an Idea Into Form Through Mental Modelling. Sissa Michelis's works are situated at the interface between photography and film. Confusion and staging are the starting point for her works, with their multilayered, epic layers of meaning. She questions the familiar, the everyday, the ostensibly experienced, so as to examine their significance and how they are inscribed.00In her current project, which is documented in this artist?s book, items of clothing are thrown into view in the former textile district of London, with the camera capturing their brief flight. The shutter clicks, a selected moment is arrested and saved. The final form of the textile sculptures, which look so contoured and shaped in the photographs, is influenced by numerous factors. In this process, Sissa Micheli sees a parallel to the materialization of artistic ideas.00Exhibition: Galleria Alessandro Casciaro, Bozen, Italy (17.03.-22.04.2017) / Bildraum01, Vienna, Austria (03.11.-09.12.2016). Kerber. 2017. 8vo. 104 p. Ills. Softcover. [109987]

Min, Eric.
Min, Eric. Keep still. Voorjaarsboekje. Voetnoot/ Maria Austria Instituut. 2004. 72 portraits. Paperback. [45327]

Minke, William
Minke, William William Minke - No Way Home/Volksbühne 2004-2017. English and German text.The Volksbühne is a radical place.This theatre has long shaped the image of the city of Berlin like no other, and simultaneously written theatre history. Kerber. 2017. 288 p. Ills. Hardcover. Cover sl. damaged. [109994]

Newton, Helmut.
Newton, Helmut. Portretten/ Portraits. Met een inleiding van Herman Hoeneveld. Stichting Amsterdam Foto. Text in Dutch & English. Staatsuitgeverij. 1986. 55 p. Ills. Hardcover. Cover sl. worn. [13864]

Niewiadomski, Tomek.
Niewiadomski, Tomek. Blue. ISBN: 9783868284881 Kehrer. 2014. 128 p. Ills. Cloth in cloth slipcase. [100742]

Nypels, Rob.
Nypels, Rob. Only Gaze a While Longer. Huis Marseille, Amsterdam. May 30 - August 30, 2009. 128 p. Ills. White cloth. [81545]

Orel, Dennis; Kröning, Oliver;
Orel, Dennis; Kröning, Oliver; El Arenal. avedition. 2015. 120 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. [105363]

Orth, Marcel.
Orth, Marcel. Caetch. Photography Aesthetics Inspiration. Distanz. 2016. 352 p. Ills. Hardcover. [108169]

Ossip. Ossip. With extra inlay: 'Publicatie van het Haags Centrum voor Actuele Kunst (1992).' Den Haag, Haags Gemeentemuseum. 8 juni - 9 september 1996. Ills. Paperback. [12298]

Paoli, Roberta de
Paoli, Roberta de St. Moritz's Soul. Silvana Editoriale. 2017. 200 p. Ills. Hardcover. [109835]

Papo, Rachel; Graff, Holly; Shanberg, Ariel;
Papo, Rachel; Graff, Holly; Shanberg, Ariel; Homeschooled. Growing up outside classrom walls the cultural movement of homeschooling in America. Kehrer. 2016. 128 p. Ills. Hardcover. [108527]

Petersen, Ad & Topor, Roland.
Petersen, Ad & Topor, Roland. A Curator's Camera. Preface by Roland Topor. Signed with dedication by Ad Petersen. Eindhoven, Kempen Publishers. 1993. 99 pp. Ills. Cloth/ Dustjacket. [28223]

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