Ratkovic, Sandra; Kaminer, Wladimir;
Ratkovic, Sandra; Kaminer, Wladimir; Sandra Ratkovic: Moskau Moscow Mockba. Edition en français-anglais-allemand-russe. German photographer Sandra Ratkovic (born 1980) showcases contrasting Moscows, in which the omnipresent military and the ubiquitous Putin cult meet kitsch and folklore. In a tongue-in-cheek documentary style that moves between the touching, disturbing and absurd, Moskau Moscow Mockba reveals everyday life in this post-Soviet city. Hatje Cantz Publishers. 2017. 96 p. Ills. Softcover. [110107]

Rimondi, Giulio.
Rimondi, Giulio. Italia. Kehrer. 2017. 96 p. Ills. Hardcover. [110099]

Rosefeldt, Julian.
Rosefeldt, Julian. Midwest. Exhibition Catalogue Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. Wienand Verlag. 2016. 86 p. Ills. Boards. [108501]

Rotteveel, Marga, Stokman, Robert-Jan & Divendal, Leo.
Rotteveel, Marga, Stokman, Robert-Jan & Divendal, Leo. Presence. Text in Dutch and English. Fotofestival Naarden. 2001. 47 p. Ills. Softcover. [107638]

Rozenburg, Roel.
Rozenburg, Roel. Hollandse beelden nummer 2. Met liefde voor de Nederlandse foto. HannaBoek. 2016. 160 p. Ills. Paperback. Kaft licht beschadigd. [110750]

Ruijter, Gerco de & Kockelkoren, Petran (essay).
Ruijter, Gerco de & Kockelkoren, Petran (essay). Gerco de Ruijter. Dutch text. Amsterdam, Basalt. 2004. 75 p. Ills. Paperback met stofomslag. [92867]

Sassen, Viviane & Stig, Martine.
Sassen, Viviane & Stig, Martine. Cover. Text: Catherine Somzé. Veenman Publishers. 2008. 128 p. Ills. Paperback. [98092]

Schoots, Imca.
Schoots, Imca. You ain't seen me. Lecturis. 2017. 8vo. 135 p. Ills. Harde kaft. [111548]

Schrijver, Janine.
Schrijver, Janine. Our Nature. Within the Limits of City Parks. Lecturis. 2015. Ills. Softcover. [111417]

Schulz, Christoph Benjamin
Schulz, Christoph Benjamin Rue de Cordeliers. Portraits of a House. An homage to David Galloway. Houses are remarkable places in many respects: They are conducive to encounters as well as to representation and retreat. The focus of this book is on the house of the specialist in American studies, writer, and exhibition organizer David Galloway. Kerber. 2017. 8vo. 156 p. Ills. Cloth with mounted ills. [109996]

Schwartz, Johannes.
Schwartz, Johannes. Passion. Tekst: Bianca Stigter. Ed. of 750 copies. Van Zoetendaal. 2010. Ills. Softcover. [89554]

Schwedes, Stefanie.
Schwedes, Stefanie. Stefanie Schwedes: Outside Wilderness Inside- Aussen Wildnis Innen. Since 2011, artist Stefanie Schwedes has been creating photographic works that offer a new perspective on a familiar theme: the forest and nature. Blurring the distinction between the real and the virtual, her abstract images testify to the impact of human culture on the earth. Kerber. 2017. 96 p. Ills. Cloth. [108592]

Seyfarth, Ludwig
Seyfarth, Ludwig Manuel Franke. Achat / U-Bahnhof Graf-Adolf-Platz Düsseldorf. This book is published to accompany the reopening of the Wehrhahnlinie Düsseldorf, February 2016. Kerber. 2016. 48 p. Ills. Hardcover. [108691]

Sher, Angelika.
Sher, Angelika. Series, 2005-2012. Kehrer. 2014. 80 p. Ills. Hardcover. ISBN: 9783868284911 [100741]

Sohier, Sage
Sohier, Sage Witness to Beauty. Sohier s series about her mother, a glamorous ex-fashion-model, confronts the challenge of ageing and a disappearing world of exquisite beauty. Kehrer Verlag. 2016. 108 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. [109695]

Spinatsch, Jules.
Spinatsch, Jules. Temporary Discomfort Chapter I-V. Davos Genoa New York Evian Geneva. Parr & Badger, Vol.2. AS NEW. Lars Müller. 2005. Ills. Hardcover. [88697]

Sprengers, Sterre & Metz, Tracy.
Sprengers, Sterre & Metz, Tracy. Nieuwe oernatuur. Afmeting: 24 x 29 cm. 2008. 56 p. Ills. Softcover. [111759]

Stiller, Louis & Vries, Jabik de.
Stiller, Louis & Vries, Jabik de. Wachtland. De nachtwaker, de fotograaf en het wordende eiland. Amsterdam, Album. 2010. Oblong 8vo. 231 p. Ills. Paperback. [83586]

Stoll, Georges Tony.
Stoll, Georges Tony. Georges Tony Stoll: Kaleidoscope Supplements. La Galerie - Contemporary Art Centre. 3 December 2011 - 11 February 2012. 47 p. Ills. Wire stitched paperback. [103397]

Strandberg, Sverre.
Strandberg, Sverre. Plants & Animals. Kerber. 2015. 112 p. Ills. Hardcover. [106657]

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