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Breguet, Emmanuel; Chapman, Martin;
Breguet, Emmanuel; Chapman, Martin; Breguet. Art and Innovation in Watchmaking. This dazzling exploration of the work of renowned horologist Breguet is also a fascinating look at what makes watches and other timepieces tick. Abraham-Louis Breguet invented many of the standard components of today's most prestigious watches, earning the title The Father of Modern Horology. The self-winding watch, the gong spring, the first shock-protection device, and the enameled dial--all were created by Breguet. In addition, he invented the first travel clock, sold to Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798, and the first wristwatch, delivered to Caroline Murat, queen of Naples in 1812. Perhaps Breguet's most famous timepiece is the Marie-Antoinette pocket watch, which took forty years to make and was the most complex watch of its time. This fascinating, elegantly designed volume features more than seventy watches and clocks that were constructed by the Breguet company, and it contains many insights into the inner workings that made these objects so innovative and valuable. Engaging essays explore Breguet's personal history, the technologies he perfected, and his vast international reputation--which survives to this day. This beautiful overview of Breguet's achievements will speak to anyone who treasures their watch--whether as an indispensable daily accessory, or as a prized piece of jewelry. Prestel. 2015. 176 p. Ills. Hardcover. [106684]

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Breuer, Romana. Radio Days/ Radio Zeit: Tube Radios, Design Classics, Internet Radio. Kerber. 224 p. Ills. Hardcover. [106536]

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Delphia, Rachel; Stern, Jewel;
Delphia, Rachel; Stern, Jewel; Silver to Steel. The Modern Designs of Peter Muller-Munk. This comprehensive book examines the work of celebrated modernist industrial designer Peter Muller-Munk, an international leader in his field during the mid-twentieth century. This groundbreaking book situates Peter Muller-Munk (1904-1967), a German émigré to the U.S., among the most influential designers of his generation. It presents the untold story of a man who rose from anonymity as a young silversmith at Tiffany & Co. to become a crucial postwar designer, promoting the practice of industrial design across the globe through one of the top design consultancies in America: Peter Muller-Munk Associates (PMMA). This generously illustrated book begins with Muller-Munk's remarkable Art Deco silver and provides new context for his best-known designs: the streamlined Normandie pitcher and Waring waterfall blender. But the revelation comes in his previously undocumented work: memorable products like cameras, radios, cocktail shakers, power tools, and refrigerators; and total environments for gas stations, international expositions, and mass-transit vehicles. Muller-Munk's prestigious clients included Bell & Howell, Westinghouse, U.S. Steel, Texaco, and Schick. Prestel. 2015. 208 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. [106696]

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