75B. 75B LAX. With card laid-in with dedication by the artists of 75B. Veenman Publishers. 2008. Ills. Paperback. [107568]

Alma, Peter.
Alma, Peter. P. Alma. 225. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 1960. 4 ills. Paperback. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 225. [66210]

Arévalo, Jorge
Arévalo, Jorge Portraits: Illustrious People. A gorgeous collection of caricaturesque portraits of the people you love from music, fashion and film in the style of the portraits by Arévalo you know from Vanity Fair, The Newyorker, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Elle, Icon, Parade Magazine and Vogue. Promopress. 2015. 162 p. Ills. Softcover. [106702]

Boekraad, Hugues C. & Bernard, Pierre.
Boekraad, Hugues C. & Bernard, Pierre. Mijn werk is niet mijn werk. Pierre Bernard: Ontwerpen voor het publieke domein. Lars Müller. 2006. 319 p. Ills. Paperback. [107246]

Bolten, J.
Bolten, J. Het Nederlandse bankbiljet en zijn vormgeving. Met een lijst van de door de Nederlandsche Bank uitgegeven bankbiljetten samengesteld door P.J. Soetens. 2de druk. Amsterdam, De Nederlandsche Bank. 1987. 327 pp. Ills. Linnen/ stofomslag. [8567]

Boterman, Jan
Boterman, Jan 2+52. Charles Jongejans, Melle+de typografieklas, en Mart Stam. De Buitenkant. 2005. 134 p. Ills. Paperback. [108026]

Brandt, Hans P & Blaisse, Mark.
Brandt, Hans P & Blaisse, Mark. Total Identity. BIS Publishers. 2003. 237 p. Richly ills. Cloth/dustj. Name on flyleaf. Dustj. sl. damaged. [19069]

Bruna, Dick & Jansen, Bert.
Bruna, Dick & Jansen, Bert. Boekomslagen. 1e druk. Centraal Museum Utrecht. z.j. 119 p. Ills. Harde kaft. [93258]

Crouwel, Wim, Toorn, Jan van & Huygen, Frederike.
Crouwel, Wim, Toorn, Jan van & Huygen, Frederike. Het debat Crouwel - Van Toorn. Museum Fodor, Amsterdam, 9 november 1972. 1ste druk. (Z)OO Produkties. 2008. 180 p. Groen linnen. Naam op schutblad. [95870]

D'Orazio, Federico.
D'Orazio, Federico. O. Inflatable print. Handmade in an edition of 150 copies, this is no. 99. PlaatsMaken. 1996. In red and transparant plastic book form.* De Druk 3. [81691]

Dam, Peter van.
Dam, Peter van. Koo 1881-1960. Grafisch vormgever en interieurarchitect. Met opdracht van de schrijver op titelblad. (Z)OO Produkties. 2008. 180 p. Ills. Paperback. [87038]

De Tsjechische Avantgarde en het boek.
De Tsjechische Avantgarde en het boek. Den Haag, Rijksmuseum Meermanno-Westreenianum. 1992. 31 p. Col. plts. Paperback. [81751]

Dorrian, Mike, Farrelly, Liz & Recchia, David.
Dorrian, Mike, Farrelly, Liz & Recchia, David. Stick 'em up. Booth-Clibborn. 2002. Ills. Softcover. [67524]

Escandell, Victor
Escandell, Victor The Resourceful Artist. Exploring Mixed Media and Collage Techniques. An exploratory and artistic activity guide around the infinite possibilities and techniques of mixed media: materials, tools, supports and finishes. Promopress. 2017. 127 p. Ills. Hardcover. [109885]

Farkas, Kiko.
Farkas, Kiko. Cartazes musicais/ Musical posters. Portuguese/ English ed. São Paulo, Cosac Naify. 2009. 152 p. Ills. Paperback. [107465]

Felton, Nicholas; Ehmann, Sven; Klanten, Robert;
Felton, Nicholas; Ehmann, Sven; Klanten, Robert; Photoviz. Visualizing Information Through Photography. The stories told with graphics and infographics are now being visualized through photography. Fotoviz shows how these powerful images are depicting correlations, making the invisible visible, and revealing more detail than classic photojournalism. Images are omnipresent in our digital age, but they're worth a closer look. Many of them can tell us stories in new and surprising ways. Fotoviz reveals how infographics and data visualization are currently impacting photography and points to innovative possibilities for the future. Today, data is being visualized through photographic techniques such as long and multiple exposures. Insightful information is being communicated by making a single image out of several different shots or using a 3D perspective. Gestalten. 2016. 256 p. Ills. Hardcover. [108160]

Graphic Design for Wine. A Selection of Contemporary Wine Labels
Graphic Design for Wine. A Selection of Contemporary Wine Labels. LetteraVentidue. 2015. 160 p. Ills.Softcover. [109963]

Heller, Steven.
Heller, Steven. Teaching Graphic Design. Course Offerings and Class Projects from the Leading Graduate and Undergraduate Programs. Allworth Press. 2003. xiii-289 p. Ills. Softcover. [109624]

Hinte, Ed van & Schwartz, Ineke.
Hinte, Ed van & Schwartz, Ineke. Thonik. BIS Publishers. 2001. Unpag. Ills. Hardcover. [31379]

Lee, Miri
Lee, Miri Very I Person. avedition. 2015. 80 p. Ills. Hardcover. [105176]

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