Krauss, Rolf H.
Krauss, Rolf H. Laughter and the Camera. A Different History of Photography. Kerber. 2016. Ills. Hardcover. [108509]

Krauss, Rolf H.
Krauss, Rolf H. Einblicke. Zwölf Essays über Fotografie und einer über die Eisenbahn. Readers can follow the sequence of perspectives that is suggested, but can also - and this is the aim of this booklet - themselves be inspired. Kerber. 2017. 184 p. Ills. Hardcover. [110060]

Kyzymchuk, Oksana
Kyzymchuk, Oksana Kindheit unter den Eichen. Ukraine 2013-2016. Einblicke in die Geschichte eines ukrainischen Dorfes. Kerber. 2016. 208 p. Ills. Softcover. [108657]

Lange, Bente & Linde, Jens Markus (photographs).
Lange, Bente & Linde, Jens Markus (photographs). The Story of the Artists' House. Den Frie. 2011. 155 p. Ills. Hardcover. [107624]

Lange, Herbert.
Lange, Herbert. Schenkung Herbert Lange. Fotografien von 1925-2009. Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz. Kerber. 2013. 159 p. Ills. Hardcover. [98730]

Leering, Jean & Toorn, Jan van.
Leering, Jean & Toorn, Jan van. Fotograferen met Cézanne. Landschappelijke elementen als motief. THOTH. 2009. 175 p. Ills. Paperback. [101164]

Leibovitz, Annie.
Leibovitz, Annie. Photographien. Deutsche Ausgabe. Taschen Comics. 1984. Num. photos. Paperback. [108221]

Lesson, Tim Abeling & Diemen, Marieke van.
Lesson, Tim Abeling & Diemen, Marieke van. TimeZone: Lofzang op gebouw Kraanspoor. Dutch/ English text. Huis Clos. 2014. Ills. Hardcover. Cover sl. bumped. [103337]

Levinthal, David.
Levinthal, David. History. Photographs by David Levinthal. George Eastman House. Kehrer. 2015. 181 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. [105295]

Linders, Jannes.
Linders, Jannes. Schiphol Stad. Fotografie Jannes Linders. Tekst Max van Rooy. Tien jaar werken aan Schiphol, Benthem Crouwel Architekten, NACO Netherlands Airport.Consultants ism Kho Liang Ie Associates. Amsterdam, 1998. Oblong 8vo. Ills. Softcover. [105770]

Lippoth, Achim.
Lippoth, Achim. Storytelling. English/ German. Hatje Cantz. 2017. 208 p. Ills. Hardcover. [110101]

Loermans, Marsel.
Loermans, Marsel. Wish You Were Here. Signed by the artist. Artist book. The Hague, February 2005. 8vo. Num. col. ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. [107662]

Macilau, Mário.
Macilau, Mário. Growing in Darkness. The life of street children in Mozambique, who are compelled to face life in terms of survival. The life of street children in Mozambique, who are compelled to face life in terms of survival. Kehrer. 2016. 180 p. Ills. Hardcover. [108523]

Mack, Ulrich.
Mack, Ulrich. Stille Weite ferne Nähe. Hirmer. 2014. 113 p. Ills. Hardcover. Corner sl. bumped. [100981]

Mandemaker, Ellen.
Mandemaker, Ellen. Ellen Mandemaker - Monkey Playhouse: The Girl. Fw: 2011. Ills. Stapled paperback. [105836]

Marshall, Richard.
Marshall, Richard. Robert Mapplethorpe. With essays by Richard Howard, Ingrid Sischy. Secker & Warburg. 1988. 216 p. With 45 color, 85 duotone ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. Dustjacket damaged on corners, one corner bumped. [62708]

Martens, Peter.
Martens, Peter. 1/250 op 8. Eindhoven, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum. 1978. 47 p. Ills. Paperback. Omslag licht beschadigd. [47057]

Mayr, Bernhard
Mayr, Bernhard Erinnerungen an Sarajevo/ Remember Those Days .... Kehrer. 2016. 120 p. Ills. Hardcover. [108156]

Mechanicus, Philip.
Mechanicus, Philip. Laatste keuze. Uit het fotografisch woordenboek van Philip Mechanicus. Voetnoot. 2005. 323 p. Ills. Stiff wrappers. [51225]

Meier, Carsten
Meier, Carsten Carsten Meier: Dam. Since 2010, photographer Carsten Meier has been documenting dams across the U.S. and Europe. Embedded within the surrounding landscape, these purely functional architectures develop a unique aesthetic with the appearance of manmade mountain ranges.In their imposing massiveness these structures at once serve as monuments to humanity's will to shape nature and demonstrate the dubiousness of its value.Consistently photographed from a one-point perspective and rendered in large format, in over 100 images a typology of dam architecture is presented. Apart from Hoover Dam, Meier also photographed dams known from popular movies, such as, the Contra Dam (from James Bond: Golden Eye) or the Edertalsperre (Eder Dam) (from Dam Buster). Kerber. 2015. 120 p. Ills. Hardcover. [106723]

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