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Penck, A.R.
Penck, A.R. A.R. Penck: Standart. Introduzione descrittiva I. Typoscript with illustrations, German text and Italian translation. Milano, L'Uomo e l'arte. 1973. Paperback with cloth spine. Cover slightly worn and stained. [108405]

Peress, Gilles, Nori, Claude & Sa'edi, Gholam-Hossein (essay).
Peress, Gilles, Nori, Claude & Sa'edi, Gholam-Hossein (essay). Telex Iran. In the Name of Revolution. Photographs made during a five-week period from December 1979 to January 1980. They focus on the seizure of the American embassy and a number of hostages in Teheran by student proxy groups of the new Iranian regime. Reprint of Telex Persan (1984). SCALO. 1997. Folio. 101 p. Ills. Hardcover. [106908]

Pilgrim, Rory.
Pilgrim, Rory. The Open Sky. Sacred Repository N.3. With poetry and words. Limited edition of 250 copies. London, Flat Time House. 2016. 8vo. Ills. Softcover. [106984]

Polke, Sigmar.
Polke, Sigmar. Bernstein Amber. Essay by Faya Causey. Exhibition in collaboration with Kunstkammer Georg Laue, Munich. Michael Werner, New York. 7 November 2006 - 13 January 2007. 106 p. Ills. Hardcover. [105729]

Prins, Lieve.
Prins, Lieve. Touch Special de Luxe Edition 2005. Including limted edition print: Piezography 1/20. Series VII Nihon Ningyo. Signed and numbered. Book and box is also numbered 7/250 and signed. Amst., Cinubia/ Manfred Heiting. 2004. Ills. Paperback in cardboard box. Box sl. stained. Print and book in fine condition. [85462]

Raedecker, Michael.
Raedecker, Michael. Michael Raedecker: line-up. Dutch ed. GEM, Den Haag. Camden Arts Centre, London. 1 May - 28 June 2009. 87 p. Ills. Grey cloth. [93702]

Rausmüller, Urs & Sauer, Christel (Hrsg.).
Rausmüller, Urs & Sauer, Christel (Hrsg.). Main Stations steht für Aufbruch, Veränderung, die Eröffnung neuer Sichten. Main Stations ist die Metapher für die grossen Neuerungen in der Kunst seit 1950. Newman, Pollock, Beuys, Broodthaers, Klein, Warhol, LeWitt, Johns, Stella, Ryman, Kounellis, Nauman, Weiner. Casino Luxembourg, 11.11.1995 - 3.3.1996. Neue Kunst Bücher. 1995. Folio. 91 p. Ills. Softcover. Cover sl. frayed. [77231]

Reinhardt, Ad.
Reinhardt, Ad. Ad Reinhardt. Nederlandse tekst. Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven. 15.12.1972 tm 28.1.1973. 40 p. Ills. Softcover. Licht versleten op de kanten/ Cover sl. worn on edges. [89674]

Ross, David A. & Sellars, Peter.
Ross, David A. & Sellars, Peter. Bill Viola. With contributions by Lewis Hyde, Kira Perov, David A. Ross and Bill Viola. New York, Whitney Museum of American Art/ Flammarion. 1999. 205 pp. Ills./plts. Wrappers. [23192]

Rozanova, Olga & Kruchonykh, Alexej.
Rozanova, Olga & Kruchonykh, Alexej. Voina (War). Carving by Olga Rozanova. Words by Alexej Kruchonykh. Facsimile edition of the original (1916). Handprinted by means of silkscreen on specially manufactured paper. Introduction by Vasily Rakitin. One of the 50 copies hors-commerce, apart from 100 numbered copies. Moscow, RA Publishers. 1995. 17 loose sheets (42x32 cm) of collages and woodcuts. In decorated portfolio. Portflio sl. frayed along folding line. [106465]

Sayler, Diet.
Sayler, Diet. Veränderung. [Conceptual artistsbooks]. München, Hermanns. 1979. Ills. Paperbacks in slipcase. [83813]

Schoonhoven, Jan & Brasser, Fons.
Schoonhoven, Jan & Brasser, Fons. Jan Schoonhoven/ Fons Brasser. Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo. Text in English and Dutch. De Beyerd, Breda. 1992. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured. [104561]

Schütte, Thomas.
Schütte, Thomas. Aquarellen. Text in German and Dutch by Ulrich Loock. No. 371 of 1000 copies. Amsterdam, Museum Overholland. 10 oktober - 29 november 1987. Coloured plates on aquarel sheets in cardboard ringbinder. [65934]

Semah, Joseph.
Semah, Joseph. Measurement in Time/ Afmeting in Tijd. Signed and numbered (4/25). T.g.v. de tentoonstelling Museum Jan Cunen te Oss en Galerie Nouvelles Images te Den Haag, van 27 maart tot en met 5 mei 1999. 3 etsen nabewerkt met blauw potlood en aquarelverf. Met colofonvel. In linnen map. [89963]

Seuphor, Michel.
Seuphor, Michel. Onze essais de voix pour un chant dus soir. 11 gravures et poèmes de Michel Seuphor. Compositions et mise en pages: Arnold Hoevers. Réalisation: Piet Clement. Papier: vélin d'arches blanc 250 grs. Le tirage a été limité à 50 exemplaires numérotés de 1/50 à 50/50. Cette exemplaire/ This copy: 15/50. Etchings also signed in the margins with graphite. Colophon also signed. Size etchings: 17x 12.5 cm. La Haye, Galerie Nouvelles Images. 1976. In cardboard portfolio which is slightly discoloured and frayed on the edges. Plates with poems and etchings fine! [107712]
€1 650.00

Sierhuis, Jan & Schierbeek, Bert.
Sierhuis, Jan & Schierbeek, Bert. Schetsboek/ Gedicht (Beginselen, voor Jan Sierhuis). No. 96 van de 250 genummerde en gesigneerde exemplaren. (1974). 23 gelithografeerde bladen, 19 illustraties en 4 met gedicht. 1 blad mist. Met z/w foto van dichter en kunstenaar. In portfolio. [108401]

Struycken, Peter.
Struycken, Peter. bulletin 144. p. struycken. FOT13B (T-18994/ -18517) drieschermenprojectie II, 1985. [double-page plate]. Amsterdam, Art & Project. 16.11 - 7.12. 1985. Ills. 4 p. Wrappers. [65839]

The magazine of the institute of contemporary arts July 1968 No.
The magazine of the institute of contemporary arts July 1968 No.4. London, 1968. 36 p. Ills. Stapled paperback. Sl. frayed and discol. [97891]

The magazine of the institute of contemporary arts Oct' 1968 No.
The magazine of the institute of contemporary arts Oct' 1968 No.7. London, 1968. Ills. Stapled paperback. [97892]

Tonnard, Elisabeth.
Tonnard, Elisabeth. They Were Like Poetry. After a Suggestion by James Joyce. No.12 in an edition of 100 copies. Leerdam, 2014. 63 p. Paperback. [105091]

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