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Ciam, Giorgio.
Ciam, Giorgio. 1979. Torino, Edizione Franz Paludetto. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. worn & stained. Size: 16 x 12 cm [109967]

Claus, Hugo.
Claus, Hugo. Woordenloos. Met opdracht van Hugo Claus op schutblad. Oogachtend/ De Zwarte Panter. 2004. Ills. Harde kaft/ schuifdoos. [104120]

Corà, Bruno.
Corà, Bruno. Klaus Münch. Signed and graphite drawing by Klaus Münch. Italian, English, German text. Prato, Gli Ori. 2005. 95 p. Ills. Paperback. [105619]

Cucchi, Enzo.
Cucchi, Enzo. Simm'nervusi/ Il catalogo dei cataloghi. Museo di Capodimonte, Napoli. 2 softcovers in decorated hardcover portfolio in cardboard slipcase. Umberto Allemandi & C. 1996. Ills. [104123]

Debbaut, Jan & Fuchs, R.H.
Debbaut, Jan & Fuchs, R.H. Robert Barry. English/ Dutch text. Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven. 1977. Softcover. Slightly discoloured. [93651]

Dibbets, Jan.
Dibbets, Jan. Jan Dibbets. Text/ tekst: Erik Verhagen. Tilburg, De Pont. 2001. 63 p. Ills. Paperback. Stain on front cover. [107873]

Disler, Martin.
Disler, Martin. Bilder vom Maler. With dedication by the artist on flyleaf. Dudweiler, AQ-Verlag. 1980. 8vo. 138 p. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. stained. [109389]

Dumas, Marlene.
Dumas, Marlene. MD. Camden Arts Centre, London, 28.1.1999-19.3.2000, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Hovikkoden, 13.5-9.7.2000. Antwerpen, MUHKA. 11.9.1999-16.1.2000. 8vo. Ills. Black softcover. [70783]

Emin, Tracey.
Emin, Tracey. When I Think About Sex... I Make Art. Text by Rudi Fuchs. White Cube, London. 27 May - 25 June 2005. 22 p. Ills. Stapled paperback. [98143]

Engelfriet, Alexandra.
Engelfriet, Alexandra. Gestolde Beweging 1990-2002, Geboortegrond 1991, Sneeuw 1995, Zand 1994-1995, Huid van Aarde 1996, Pakhuis Afrika 1997-1998, Stromend Zand 1998, Het Wad Zandbodem 1998, Het Wad - Slikbodem 2000, en nog twee foto's van werken in galeries. Foto's van Land Art-werken en projecten van Engelfriet, gesigneerd en gedateerd op achterzijde, in groene linnen doos, eigen uitgave. [103048]

Fontana, Lucio.
Fontana, Lucio. Lucio Fontana. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam/ Whitechapel Art Gallery London. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus 720. English/ Dutch text. 1988. 111 p. Num. ills. Wrappers/ dustjacket. [55037]

Gregori, Daniela; Metzger, Rainer;
Gregori, Daniela; Metzger, Rainer; Christian Ludwig Attersee. Sein Leben, seine Kunst, seine Zeit. With dedication and small drawing by Attersee on titlepage. Christian Brandstätter. 2010. 325 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. [106846]

Hamilton Finlay, Ian & Finlay, Sue.
Hamilton Finlay, Ian & Finlay, Sue. Nature Over Again After Poussin. Some Discovered Landscapes. University of Strathclyde, Collins Exhibition Hall. [1980]. 30 pp. Ills, some folding. Wire stitched paperback/ dustjacket. Cover sl. discoloured. [65933]

Hawley, Martha & Bloom, Barbara (Guest editors).
Hawley, Martha & Bloom, Barbara (Guest editors). De Appel no. 3/4 1983. [In memorian Wies Smals, Gerhard von Graevenitz a.o.]. Amsterdam, De Appel. 1983. Ills. 30 p. Paperback. Coverdesign by Barbara Bloom with gold decorated offering papers on front and rear cover which are damaged. Cover also a bit stained. [84726]

Hensen, Kees.
Hensen, Kees. Vijf teksten. oorspronkelijk geschreven op honderdvijfenvijftig vel folio. Amsterdam, 1982. Hardcover with sprayed illustration on front. [104754]

Hirst, Damien & Rainer, Arnulf.
Hirst, Damien & Rainer, Arnulf. Commotion/ Durcheinander. An Installation/ Eine Installation. Arnulf Rainer Museum, Baden bei Wien. With special full-page drawing in black marker by Damien Hirst on flyleaf and on the other side of the page. Signed with dedication! Walther König. 2014. 104 p. Ills. Hardcover. [110097]
€1 850.00

Hirst, Damien.
Hirst, Damien. Two Weeks One Summer.With special full-page drawing in black marker by Damien Hirst on flyleaf. Signed with dedication! London, White Cube. 2012. 120 p. Ills. Cloth hardcover. [110098]
€1 750.00

Kempenaers, Jan.
Kempenaers, Jan. Dun Briste, Downpatrick Head. As a sequel to his previous books ‘Spomenik’ and ‘Picturesque’, the photographs in this special edition are also part of Kempenaers’ artistic research project on contemporary picturesque. A filmic sequence of photographs of a massive rock is printed on a cardboard leporello which measures 33 x 345 cm when unfolded. It contains an original colour lambda print, signed and numbered in an edition of 500. As new. Pristine. ROMA Publications. 2012. 30 p. [100518]

Kiefer, Anselm & Fuchs, R.H.
Kiefer, Anselm & Fuchs, R.H. Anselm Kiefer: Verbrennen, Verholzen, Versenken, Versanden. Preface by/ Vorwort von Klaus Gallwitz. Biennale Venedig 1980, Deutscher Pavillon. 63 p. Ills. Softcover. Cover sl. foxed/ discol. [60271]

Kiefer, Anselm.
Kiefer, Anselm. Himmelspaläste/ Heavenly Palaces. Berlin, Heiner Bastian im Schirmer/Mosel Verlag. 2010. 112 p. Full-page col. plates. Hardcover/ dustjacket. Small traces of use. [83925]

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