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Abramovic, Marina & Celant, Germano.
Abramovic, Marina & Celant, Germano. Public Body: Installations and Objects 1965-2001. EXCLUSIVE: With drawing by Abramovic on flyleaf! Milano, Charta. 2001. 495 p. Ills. Hardcover. Dustjacket missing. [105760]
€2 250.00

Acconci, Vito, Aycock, Alice & Oppenheim, Dennis.
Acconci, Vito, Aycock, Alice & Oppenheim, Dennis. Machineworks. Vito Acconci, Alice Aycock, Dennis Oppenheim. Institute of Contemporary Art/ Indianapolis Museum of Art. 1981. Oblong. 63 p. Ills. Softcover. Cover sl. worn. [106085]

Aldridge, Miles & Manson, Marilyn (introduction).
Aldridge, Miles & Manson, Marilyn (introduction). The Cabinet. Reflex Editions Amsterdam. 2006. With 50 col. plates. Hardcover. Pristine copy. [99164]

Aldridge, Miles & O'Brien, Glenn.
Aldridge, Miles & O'Brien, Glenn. Acid Candy. Reflex Editions Amsterdam. 2008. Oblong. 125 p. Ills.Cloth/ dustj. Pristine copy. [99165]

Andre, Carl & Serota, Nicholas (text).
Andre, Carl & Serota, Nicholas (text). Carl Andre: Sculpture 1959-78. London, Whitechapel Art Gallery. 17 March - 23 April 1978. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured and a bit worn on edges. [105754]

Andre, Carl.
Andre, Carl. Quincy Book. Published in conjunction with two exhibitions: Six Alloy Plains, Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts/ Seven Books Passport, Shape and Structure, A Theory of Poetry, One Hundred Sonnets, America Drill, Three Operas, Lyrics and Odes, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. First edition. Addison Gallery Of American Art. 1973. 44 full page b&w photos of Andre's hometown Quincy, Massachusetts. Complete with the transparent insert /colophon. Name of former owner on insert. Stapled paperback. Cover very slightly discoloured, further very good. Scarce. [105749]

Andre, Carl.
Andre, Carl. Carl Andre: Sculpture. With text written on front by Carl Andre: 'I have crossed out 4 typos'. In the text inside he did indeed crossed out 4 words. November 27, 1984 - January 8, 1985. 14 p. Ills. Stapled paperback. [105748]

Andre, Carl.
Andre, Carl. Carl Andre: sculpture en bois. With business card of the organising museum and the curator Suzanne Page's best wishes in French written on it. Arc Paris/ Musee D'Art Moderne de la Ville Paris. 1979. 32 p. Ills. Stapled paperback. Cover very sl. waterstained. [105756]

Andre, Carl.
Andre, Carl. Carl Andre: Sculpture 1959-1977. Text by David Bourdon. Foreword by Barbara Rose. Travelling exhibition catalogue. New York, Jaap Rietman. 1978. 88 p. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured and a bit worn on edges, name of former owner on flyleaf. [105752]

Andre, Carl.
Andre, Carl. Carl Andre: Sculpture 1958-1974. Texts in German and English by Johannes Gachnang and Carl Andre. Kunsthalle Bern. April 24 - June 8, 1975. 99 p. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured and a bit worn on edges, name of former owner on flyleaf. [105740]

Anselmo, Giovanni.
Anselmo, Giovanni. Leggere. Artist book. Het woord "LEGGERE" (lezen) wordt getoond op elke pagina, geleidelijk verkleind tot onleesbaarheid en later opgeschaald tot over de groote van de pagina. The word LEGGERE diminishes on each page to unrecognisable format and then the letters scale up again at the end to large proportion. Ed. of 1000 copies. Torino, Sperone Editore. 1972. 8vo. 17x11.5 cm. Boards with cloth spine and blind white though slightly discoloured dustjacket. [105790]

Arakawa, Shusaku.
Arakawa, Shusaku. Derrriere le miroir 252. Text in French and English. Paris, Galerie Maeght. 1982. 24 p. Ills. With one double-paged coloured lithograph. Softcover. [99889]

Araki, Nobuyoshi.
Araki, Nobuyoshi. Tokyo Novelle. Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. 25. November 1995 - 18. Februar 1996. Ills. Paperback. [94430]

Art & Language & Hirst, Damien a.o.
Art & Language & Hirst, Damien a.o. Dark Matter: Art & Language; Katharina Fritsch; Felix Gonzalez-Torres; Mark Grotjahn; Damien Hirst; Gary Hume; Ellsworth Kelly; Damian Ortega; Ad Reinhardt; Richard Serra; Hiroshi Sugimoto; Gavin Turk; Andy Warhol; Cerith Wyn Evans. White Cube, London. 7 July - 9 September 2006. 47 p. Ills. Hardcover. [104182]

Baldessari, John.
Baldessari, John. The Telephone Book (With Pearls). 1st edition. Gent, Imschoot. 1988. Ills. Paperback. Cover very slightly worn on edges and corners. [105794]

Ballen, Roger.
Ballen, Roger. Animal Abstraction. Selected Photographs 1998-2011. Reflex Editions Amsterdam. 2011. 99 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. Dustj. sl. dam. [97224]

Baselitz, Georg & Heere, Heribert (Einleitung).
Baselitz, Georg & Heere, Heribert (Einleitung). Zeichnungen zum Strassenbild. Köln, Galerie Michael Werner. 1982. Full bleed plates. Paperback. Rear cover sl. damaged. Small traces of use. [103240]

Bazaine, Jean, Estève, Maurice & Lapicque, Charles.
Bazaine, Jean, Estève, Maurice & Lapicque, Charles. Bazaine Estève Lapicque. Textes de André Frénard, Jean Lescure, Jean Tardieu. No. 25 of the 700 numbered copies. Paris, Galerie Louis Carré. 1945. 81 p. With 3 coloured lithographs and black/white plates. Paperback. [103178]

Beirendonck, Walter van.
Beirendonck, Walter van. Mutilate. Edition of 5000 copies. Imschoot. 1997. Ills. With folding plates. Ring binder/ wrappers with 2 zippers on pink front. [102935]

Besnyö, Eva & Kepes, Gyorgy.
Besnyö, Eva & Kepes, Gyorgy. Eva Besnyö/ György Kepes: Mit anderen Augen. Berlin 1928-1930. Hrsg. von Diethart Kerbs. Edition Photothek XX. Dirk Nishen. 1987. 31 p. Ills. Stiff paperback. [99749]

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