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Acconci, Vito, Aycock, Alice & Oppenheim, Dennis.
Acconci, Vito, Aycock, Alice & Oppenheim, Dennis. Machineworks. Vito Acconci, Alice Aycock, Dennis Oppenheim. Institute of Contemporary Art/ Indianapolis Museum of Art. 1981. Oblong. 63 p. Ills. Softcover. Cover sl. worn. [106085]

Acconci, Vito.
Acconci, Vito. Vito Acconci: Catalogue of Headlines & Image. With inlay of Dutch translation (Hoofdlijnen & verschijningsvormen). Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 647. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 30.11.1978-14.1.1979. Oblong. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured. [87738]

Andre, Carl.
Andre, Carl. Carl Andre: Sculpture 1959-1977. Text by David Bourdon. Foreword by Barbara Rose. Travelling exhibition catalogue. New York, Jaap Rietman. 1978. 88 p. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured and a bit worn on edges, name of former owner on flyleaf. [105752]

Andre, Carl.
Andre, Carl. Carl Andre: Sculpture 1958-1974. Texts in German and English by Johannes Gachnang and Carl Andre. Kunsthalle Bern. April 24 - June 8, 1975. 99 p. Ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured and a bit bumped on corners. [105740]

Andriesse, Erik, Andriesse, Paul & Eyck, Zsa-Zsa.
Andriesse, Erik, Andriesse, Paul & Eyck, Zsa-Zsa. Fast Forward. Monoprints en grafiek van Erik Andriesse. Deluxe edition, numbered, in an edition of 100 copies with loosely inserted etching, entitled Papavers. This 19/100. BnM. 2007. 111 p. Ills. Decorated cloth. [76497]

Arakawa, Shusaku.
Arakawa, Shusaku. Derrriere le miroir 252. Text in French and English. Paris, Galerie Maeght. 1982. 24 p. Ills. With one double-paged coloured lithograph. Softcover. [99889]

Art & Language & Hirst, Damien a.o.
Art & Language & Hirst, Damien a.o. Dark Matter: Art & Language; Katharina Fritsch; Felix Gonzalez-Torres; Mark Grotjahn; Damien Hirst; Gary Hume; Ellsworth Kelly; Damian Ortega; Ad Reinhardt; Richard Serra; Hiroshi Sugimoto; Gavin Turk; Andy Warhol; Cerith Wyn Evans. White Cube, London. 7 July - 9 September 2006. 47 p. Ills. Hardcover. [104182]

Becker, Carl; Warncke, Carsten-Peter
Becker, Carl; Warncke, Carsten-Peter Angewandte Kunst Vom Mittelalter Bis Zur Renaissance. Treasures of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Eight centuries of European applied artsWhen Kunstwerke und Geräthschaften des Mittelalters und der Renaissance (1852-1863) was published, what purchasers in fact bought wasa small printed museum of unusual treasures. With 216 hand-colored copperplate engravings, the publication givesa comprehensive overview of applied arts in Europe from the 9th to the 16th centuries. The objects presented comprise furniture, metalwork, jewelry, tapestries, and works of bookbinding. Carefully selected masterpieces such as the gilt Corvinus goblet, an enamelled saltcellar, and medieval ivory combs are depicted, along with a decorative sword, now lost. The editor Jakob Heinrich von Hefner-Alteneck (1811-1903) was head of the Royal Cabinet of Prints and Drawings in Munich and later director of the Bavarian National Museum. His work helped influence the creation of new museums of art and design - the South Kensington Museum in London (today the Victoria and Albert Museum), founded in 1852, being the very first - in which artists could study the hand-crafted masterpieces of earlier epochs. Although the co-editor Carl Becker (1794-1859) commissioned various artists to make drawings of the historical originals forKunstwerke und Geräthschaften, the signatures on the plates show that most of the illustrations stem from the hand of artist Jakob Heinrich von Hefner-Alteneck and he can therefore be considered as the work's main draughtsman; considering that Becker died before the completion of the work, the most influential figure behind it was undoubtedly Hefner-Alteneck. With this new edition, which includes a commentary, TASCHEN is making an important publication accessible once more, giving a glimpse of the treasure chambers of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.This complete reprint was created on the basis of an original copy in the Württembergische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart.Text in English, French, and German. Taschen America, 2011. Folio. 408 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket/ in box. Box damaged. [110227]

Besnyö, Eva & Kepes, Gyorgy.
Besnyö, Eva & Kepes, Gyorgy. Eva Besnyö/ György Kepes: Mit anderen Augen. Berlin 1928-1930. Hrsg. von Diethart Kerbs. Edition Photothek XX. Dirk Nishen. 1987. 31 p. Ills. Stiff paperback. [99749]

Bex, Florent, Campert, Remco, Decleir, Jan & Loos, Wiepke.
Bex, Florent, Campert, Remco, Decleir, Jan & Loos, Wiepke. Ysbrant. Met 2 losse etsen, genummerd en gesigneerd. Text in Dutch & English. Signed and numbered edition of 200 with 2 inserted etchings. This is 71/200. With dedication by Ysbrant on flyleaf. Waanders. 2002. 177 p. Ills. Cloth/ Slipcase. Slipcase has some signs of wear. [81457]

Botman, Harm, Snitker, Willem & Sijmons, Dirk.
Botman, Harm, Snitker, Willem & Sijmons, Dirk. Overmoed en zegepralen. Een tekst van Dirk Sijmons. Zegepralend Kennemerland. Een fotodrieluik van Harm Botman. Vier linogravures over aquarellen van Willem Snitker. Typografie: Michaël Snitker. No. 15 van de 150 genummerde en gesigneerde exemplaren. Heemstede, Bleeker Editie. 2012. In portfolio. [106466]

Braeckman, Dirk.
Braeckman, Dirk. A-Prior N-7: Dirk Braeckman. English text. Brussels, 2002. 256 p. Ills. Softcover. Some very slight fraying at corner. [91765]

Brood, Herman & Deelder, Jules.
Brood, Herman & Deelder, Jules. Inderdaad nee. Dit is de normale editie. 2de druk. Nijgh & Van Ditmar. 2003. Ills. Paperback. [105075]

Brown, Cecily.
Brown, Cecily. Based On A True Story. Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, GEM, Den Haag. Snoeck/ Kestnergesellschaft. 2010. Ills. 104 pag. Hardcover with mounted ills. Very fine condition. [97588]

Byars, James Lee, Daniëls, René, McKenna, Stephen, Panamarenko,
Byars, James Lee, Daniëls, René, McKenna, Stephen, Panamarenko, Raysse, Martial, Schermuly, Peter & Thomkins, André. Collection A. Bruxelles, Isy Brachot Editeur. 1983. Ills. Paperback. Sl. bumped. [69931]

Calatrava, Santiago & Blaser, Werner.
Calatrava, Santiago & Blaser, Werner. Santiago Calatrava: Ingenieur Architektur / Engineering Architecture. With signature, dedication and pencil drawing by Calatrava. 2nd revised and enlarged ed/ 2te neubearbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. Birkhäuser. 1990. 208 p. Ills. Cloth/ dustj. Some signs of use. [103093]

Calderara, Antonio.
Calderara, Antonio. Antonio Calderara. With 3 coloured silkscreen prints. * Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr.616. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 11 maart - 17 april 1977. Ills. Incl. 3 col. ills. Paperback. Cover sl. discoloured. [68126]

Ceccobelli, Bruno.
Ceccobelli, Bruno. Nascere dentro/ Rinascere alto. Barcelona, Galeria Thomas Carstens. Diciembro 1989 - Enero 1990. Ills. Paperback/ dustjacket. [103241]

Ciam, Giorgio.
Ciam, Giorgio. Giorgio Ciam: Stratificazioni. Torino, Edizione Franz Paludetto. ca. 1983. Ills. Hardcover. Cover sl. worn & stained. Size: 17 x 11 cm [109970]

Ciam, Giorgio.
Ciam, Giorgio. Giorgio Ciam. Autoritratti rivisti, tracopiati, un giro completo della mia stanza. Torino, Panda's Editions. 1978. Ills. Hardcover. Pages loose. Size: 17 x 11 cm [109968]

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