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Aldridge, Miles & Manson, Marilyn (introduction).
Aldridge, Miles & Manson, Marilyn (introduction). The Cabinet. Reflex Editions Amsterdam. 2006. With 50 col. plates. Hardcover. Pristine copy. [99164]

Aldridge, Miles & O'Brien, Glenn.
Aldridge, Miles & O'Brien, Glenn. Acid Candy. Reflex Editions Amsterdam. 2008. Oblong. 125 p. Ills.Cloth/ dustj. Pristine copy. [99165]

Arakawa, Shusaku.
Arakawa, Shusaku. Derrriere le miroir 252. Text in French and English. Paris, Galerie Maeght. 1982. 24 p. Ills. With one double-paged coloured lithograph. Softcover. [99889]

Araki, Nobuyoshi (photographs), Nakajima, Hideki (Graphic Design
Araki, Nobuyoshi (photographs), Nakajima, Hideki (Graphic Design) & Sato, Ken (Producer). [Calendar depicting flower, some arranged, some sinister/ dead]. Japanese publication. Tag Heuer Professional Sports Watches. 1979. 12 col. plts in portfolio. Some plates sl. dam. along the edges. Sl. frayed. [76715]

Araki, Nobuyoshi.
Araki, Nobuyoshi. Tokyo Novelle. Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. 25. November 1995 - 18. Februar 1996. Ills. Paperback. [94430]

Art & Language & Hirst, Damien a.o.
Art & Language & Hirst, Damien a.o. Dark Matter: Art & Language; Katharina Fritsch; Felix Gonzalez-Torres; Mark Grotjahn; Damien Hirst; Gary Hume; Ellsworth Kelly; Damian Ortega; Ad Reinhardt; Richard Serra; Hiroshi Sugimoto; Gavin Turk; Andy Warhol; Cerith Wyn Evans. White Cube, London. 7 July - 9 September 2006. 47 p. Ills. Hardcover. [104182]

Ballen, Roger.
Ballen, Roger. Animal Abstraction. Selected Photographs 1998-2011. Reflex Editions Amsterdam. 2011. 99 p. Ills. Hardcover/ dustjacket. Dustj. sl. dam. [97224]

Baselitz, Georg & Heere, Heribert (Einleitung).
Baselitz, Georg & Heere, Heribert (Einleitung). Zeichnungen zum Strassenbild. Köln, Galerie Michael Werner. 1982. Full bleed plates. Paperback. Rear cover sl. damaged. Small traces of use. [103240]

Bazaine, Jean, Estève, Maurice & Lapicque, Charles.
Bazaine, Jean, Estève, Maurice & Lapicque, Charles. Bazaine Estève Lapicque. Textes de André Frénard, Jean Lescure, Jean Tardieu. No. 25 of the 700 numbered copies. Paris, Galerie Louis Carré. 1945. 81 p. With 3 coloured lithographs and black/white plates. Paperback. [103178]

Becher, Bernd & Becher, Hilla.
Becher, Bernd & Becher, Hilla. Water Towers. Foreword by Reyner Banham. Commentary by Weston J.Naef. Signed on flyleaf by the Bechers. Martin Parr mentions this first English edition in The Photobook: A History. The MIT Press. 1988. With 223 plates. Hardcover/ dustjacket. Slight discolouring of dustjacket and pages. [105595]

Besnyö, Eva & Kepes, Gyorgy.
Besnyö, Eva & Kepes, Gyorgy. Eva Besnyö/ György Kepes: Mit anderen Augen. Berlin 1928-1930. Hrsg. von Diethart Kerbs. Edition Photothek XX. Dirk Nishen. 1987. 31 p. Ills. Stiff paperback. [99749]

Beuys, Joseph.
Beuys, Joseph. Holzpostkarte & Filzpostkarte. Wooden postcard & felt postcard by Joseph Beuys. Artist Multiple. Unlimited edition. Heidelberg, edition staeck. (1974, 1985). 10.5x15 cm. [98178]

Boltanski, Christian.
Boltanski, Christian. Christian Boltanski - Reconstitution. German text. Karlsruhe, Badischer Kunstverein. 17.1.-15.3.1978. 124 p. Ills. Paperback. Small traces of use. [79660]

Braque, Georges.
Braque, Georges. Derrière le miroir 4. Poem by René Char, text by Jacques Kober. Paris, Galerie Maeght. 1950. Ills. With coloured front cover lithograph. Paperback. [100191]

Brood, Herman & Deelder, Jules.
Brood, Herman & Deelder, Jules. Inderdaad nee. Dit is de normale editie. 2de druk. Nijgh & Van Ditmar. 2003. Ills. Paperback. [105075]

Broodthaers, Marcel, Goldwater, Marge (introduction) & Compton,
Broodthaers, Marcel, Goldwater, Marge (introduction) & Compton, Michael (essay) a.o. Marcel Broodthaers. English text. Minneapolis & New York, Walker Art Center/ Rizzoli. 1989. 226 pp. Ills. Softcover. Cover sl. rubbed at corners, but further very good. [105692]

Broodthaers, Marcel.
Broodthaers, Marcel. The Complete Prints. 'This is a list of 27 multiples made in editions by Marcel Broodthaers between 1964 and 1975.' New York, Michael Werner. 24 May to 29 June 1991. 8vo. Ills. Hardcover with cloth spine and mounted ills. [105675]

Broodthaers, Marcel.
Broodthaers, Marcel. Section Publicité du Musée d'art moderne, département des aigles. Edited by Maria Gilissen and Benjamin H.D. Buchloh. New York, Marian Goodman Gallery. October 6 to November 25, 1995. 99 p. Ills. & with folding plates. Softcover. [105691]

Broodthaers, Marcel.
Broodthaers, Marcel. Projet pour un film: l'Oeuf de l'aigle. 'Cette Ode de Marcel Broodthaers, écrite en 1973, paraît en mars 1983 sur les presses des Ets Jean Malvaux à Bruxelles. Tirage limité à 400 exemplaires, dont 32 numerotés en chiffres romaines et 368 en chiffres arabes. 7 monochrome illustrations. Text in French. Artists' book conceived in 1973 by Marcel Broodthaers, ultimately published in 1983 by Michael Werner. It presents seven pages of Broodthaer's film storyboard renderings of an eagle's egg combined with a shifting landscape of text printed in blue ink on heavy Torchon watercolor paper. This copy is unnumbered. Unnumbered copy. Köln, Michael Werner. 1983. Ills. Cardboard. Cover bit stained and bumped, and edges sl. frayed. [105686]

Broodthaers, Marcel.
Broodthaers, Marcel. Oeuvres majeures provenant d'une collection privée à Anvers 1e partie. Bruxelles, Yves Gevaert. ca. 1980. 18 p. Ills. Paperback. [77275]

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