For 175 euro we sell this great chair - a Freischwinger - by the German designer Stefan Wewerka (1928)

16 Sep

lying woman table

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JOOT is always on the look out for special designs like this table. Price: 350 euro!

28 Apr

Window JOOT Bookshop

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This is the outside view of JOOT Books. At the left side we show our second hand and antiquarian books, at the right side of the window we place the new books that can be bought in our shop as well. Here, and in the first two cases of our bookstore we show an excellent collection of new art books, broadening and deepening our collection of art books.

In the first decade of its existence JOOT Books lives up to its expectation to be one of the best antiquarian book stores in Amsterdam. Our stock of about 25000 books has grown from general to a very distinct and highly qualified collection of art books. Main focus lies on modernist, post-war and contemporay art including conceptual art, pop art, artists books and vintage stuff such as limited editioned publications or multiples. Apart from that we also sell lithographs, etchings and silk screens from various post war artists. But on the main floor you will also find a very large collection of photobooks, architecture, non-western art, applied arts, art history and a room full of small art catalogues from museums like the well-known catalogues from the Stedelijk Museum. 

Still, in the basement, a wide variety of scientific, intellectual and literary topics are presented such as philosophy, history, first and second world war, literary criticism and book cases full of fiction, both prose and poetry. 

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