(BKNR.89966)   Schoonhoven, Jan & Schippers, K. Schoonhoven aan zee. On the occassion of the 70th birthday of Schoonhoven. With 2 signed and numbered serigraphs by Schoonhoven and a text by Schippers. Signed and numbered edition, this is copy no. 36.  Rotterdam, B
ébert. 1984. Folio. Loose sheets in wooden slipcase.   EUR  2000.00
(BKNR.90498)   Arntz, Gerd. Das Dritte Reich. Original woodcut. Signed. This is no. 143 of edition of 180 copies made in 1978. The first edition was made in 1934. Incl. frame. Size: 67x50 cm.    EUR  500.00
(BKNR.89959)   Linders, Jannes. Vesuvius III. Framed black & white photo. Signed (jannes linders '97) and numbered (1/5). Size 12.5x15.5 cm. Incl. frame 29x32 cm.     EUR  400.00

(BKNR.89962)   Brasser, Fons. Glienickerbr
ücke 85 2/10. Coloured photo in frame. Signed and numbered. Photo 19x19 cm. Incl. frame 45.5x35.5 cm.     EUR  300.00

(BKNR.89958)   Hooglander, Mario. Photo 1989. Depicting a Woman en face with rectangular white light in the background. Photo 45x38 cm. Incl. frame 69x52 cm. Photo exposed in exhibition Het Portret. De mens als onuitputtelijk onderwerp. International exhibition of portrait photography in 8 galleries in Amsterdam (1989).     EUR  1500.00

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