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The Book of the Dead facsimile of Egyptian Papyrus of Ani (1890)

(BKNR.53981)   Page Renouf, P. le & [Budge, E.A. Wallis]. The Book of the Dead. Facsimile of The Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum. Printed by Order of the Trustees at Harrison & Sons. Sublime 1st ed. London, The British Museum. 1890. Elephant folio. 19 pp. text, [148] pp. 37 double-page, full-colour Photo-Lithographed by W. Griggs, London. The colours of this edition are much more bright, than those of the 2nd ed, 1895 by Wallis Budge himself. Also interesting because the over 3500 year old Papyrii in the British Museum faded, so this ed. comes closer to the originals. E.A. Wallis Budge discovered and imported the Papyrii in 1888, 2 years later this facsimile, the first public exposure was published. Contemporary halfleather/ boards/ marbled first fly-leafs. Title in goldletter on the back. Leather fine, boards sl. worn, but good. Pages fine: some slight foxing at the first text-pages, and along the edges of the last plates. Photo-lithographs itself clean. Plate 16 is 15 cm damaged but skillfully repaired. Plate 5 and 6 have slight damage at the bottom margins.Overall fine edition!   EUR  450.00



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